Campus MaNa is a professional training center for creators,
in Burgundy on 40 hectares of nature

With Thomas Dariel

from November 6th to November 17th 2023

The Program

Learning objectives

At the end of the training, participants will have acquired the following skills:

  • Ability to understand the structure of a piece of furniture
  • Ability to anticipate the disassembly of the furniture without damaging its components.
  • Ability to repurpose the furniture from the reassembling of its parts
  • Apply basic metalworking techniques in practice

Content of the program

Furniture design with the Mobilier National “Make, Unmake, Remake”.

Since the 17th century, the Mobilier National has been a significant place for heritage and contemporary creation. In order to fulfill its missions, the institution has always disposed, with the advice of a scientific committee, of the furniture that has been stored and unused for a long time and has lost its heritage value. These pieces, previously inalienable, become "alienated" and can have a new life by being transformed by contemporary designers.

In the context of an innovative and ecological approach, the Mobilier National has chosen to entrust some of these pieces to creators tutoring at Campus MaNa.

Rather than creating a new object, reusing allows for the conservation of energy and raw materials inherent in any manufacturing process, in a virtuous and proactive approach.

This workshop will address the “alienated” furniture in connection with the history of the Mobilier National, seeking to deconstruct in order to reconstruct. Participants will be required to completely disassemble and reassemble the offered furniture (from the 19th to the 20th century) in a different way and change its purpose: a table becomes a chair, a chair becomes a lamp, a wardrobe becomes a side table, an armchair becomes a writing desk... They must become inalienable once again.


With Thomas Dariel


Thomas Dariel

Thomas Dariel is a prominent designer from the interior design agency based in Shanghai, Dariel Studio. As the founder of Campus MaNa, he draws strength and inspiration from his family heritage as the great-grandson of a French furniture designer, grandson of a jazz musician, and son of an architect. With a background in French design, he came to China in 2006 to launch his own interior design studio at the age of 24.

He has earned recognition from the interior design industry and received several awards and accolades, including the French Design 100 in 2022, which rewarded his work and projects for Dariel Studio. Thomas derives his creativity from the various realms of design, fashion, gastronomy, visual arts, and luxury. His design philosophy is driven by a passion for breaking codes and stereotypes.

He has successfully extended his unique signature to product design, collaborating with renowned brands such as Cappellini, Lelièvre, Cire Trudon, and Leblon Delienne.

In 2016, while continuing his work as an interior architect, Thomas Dariel fulfilled a childhood dream by launching his own furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories brand, Maison Dada.

In 2020, he was appointed co-president of the French Publishers within the Ameublement Français.

In 2021, his creations were acquired by the prestigious Mobilier National, marking his entry into the history of French furniture.

2023 is the year of the launch of Campus MaNa, a lifelong project for designer Thomas Dariel.

Marc Partouche, art historian and theoretician, doctor of state in aesthetics and art sciences

With a triple degree in law, art history, and Modern literature from the University of Provence, and a PhD in aesthetics and art sciences from the Paris 1 Sorbonne University, Marc Partouche served as the Director of the École supérieure d'Art de Paris-Cergy (1992-1999) before becoming Inspector General for research, technological creation, and audiovisual at the Délégation aux arts plastiques (1999-2001).

He has taught the history and theory of art, of culture, and of media at ENSCl-les Ateliers (École nationale supérieure de création industrielle) in Paris and the University of Aix-en-Provence (2003-2008). As an advisor to the Delegate for Plastic Arts at the Ministry of Culture and Communication (2006-2007), he also served as the Scientific Director of the Cité Internationale du Design in Saint-Étienne (2006-2008).

From 2008 to 2014, he held the position of Director of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, and later served as the General Manager of the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs from 2014 to 2018 in Paris.

Marc Partouche is the author of 200 articles (catalog prefaces, collective works) and numerous books, including his most recent publications: Art schools changing the world. Utopias and pedagogical alternatives from 1815 to the present day (Hermann Editions, Paris, 2021), Marcel Duchamp, Art begins the moment I light a cigarette (Hermann Editions, Paris, 2018), and The Forgotten Lineage. Bohemia, avant-gardes and contemporary art (from 1830 to the present day) (Hermann Editions, Paris 2017 and Al Dante editions, Paris 2004). He has created several journals and book collections on contemporary arts and culture. He regularly participates in seminars and conferences in France and abroad (Switzerland, Italy, England, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt). He is also an exhibition curator, designer, and organizer of numerous conferences and diverse events in France and around the world.


Marc Partouche currently serves as the Global Office Secretary-General of the International Association of Art Critics (which encompasses 60 countries and 5500 critics), a UNESCO-recognized association, and as the Dean of the MeiAo Academy at the International Art and Design Center in Shenzhen (China). He is also the director of the collection The Good Neighbor at Hermann Editions in Paris.

Tutor from the Mobilier National

Tristan Colafrancesco, metalwork artist

The beginning was photography for Tristan COLAFRANCESCO, in the punk scene from 2009 until 2011 in Brittany.

He then studied metal, first by passing a CAP degree of Metallier at the Compagnons du Devoir (Maison de Rennes), then in the company Metafer (Living Heritage Company). Then comes a second certificate but this time, in artistic ironwork in Nièvre.

He gained experience in various Heritage restoration companies, Art metalwork, industrial, and contemporary.

In 2017 he created the Ateliers Cola, and has since worked with various designers, producing furniture, fittings and bespoke objects.

His workshop is located in Avallon, at the gates of the Morvan.


  • Conferences
  • Workshop activities (metal, wood)
  • Pedagogical distribution: 80% practical, 20% theoretical
  • Active participation and experimentation of participants are encouraged and emphasized
  • Introduction to basic metalworking techniques (to facilitate assembly of elements)

Evaluation follow-up and modalities

End-of-training evaluation in the form of collective feedback
Documented and well-argued final project presentation file

Mid-days sign-in sheets
Termination certificate

Duration and method of organization:

Target audience:
Self-taught or graduate of the discipline - the experience is assessed during the admission process.
Step 1: Sending a CV and portfolio Step 2: Validation of the application by the admission board, which ensures that the profile and the requirements of the training match.
from November 6th to November 17th 2023
12 days
9AM-1PM – 2PM-6PM
at Campus Mana
Group size:
15 participants maximum
3900€ inc VAT
This rate includes the cost of the training, accommodation with full board, materials, and personal protective equipment.

Agenda :

Bientôt disponible

Location :

Campus MaNa Domaine du Croisil, 89350 Champignelles France

Accessibility :

For any disability situation, please contact us to consider the feasibility.

Access period :

Up to 15 days before the workshop depending on availability.
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