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Marc Partouche


Art historian and theoretician, doctor of state in aesthetics and art sciences

  • Global Secretary General of the International Association of Art Critics (representing 60 countries and 5,500 critics), an association recognized by UNESCO.

Previous positions (selected):

  • Director of the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
  • Director of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels-Superior School of Arts
  • Scientific Director of the Cité Internationale du Design, Saint-Étienne.
  • Advisor to the Delegate for Plastic Arts, Ministry of Culture and Communication.
  • Inspector General for Research, Technological Creation, and Research, Delegation for Plastic Arts, Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Author of books (recently published):

  • Les écoles d'art qui changent le monde. Utopies et alternatives pédagogiques de 1815 à nos jours. Éditions Hermann, Paris, 2021.
  • Marcel Duchamp, L'art commence au moment où j'allume une cigarette. Éditions Hermann, Paris, 2018.
  • Allais/Klein, Éditions Co-Op, Paris, 2018.
  • La Lignée Oubliée. Bohème, avant-gardes et art contemporain (de 1830 à nos jours). Editions Hermann, Paris, 2017, and Al Dante éditions, Paris, 2004.

Prefaces, articles: Since 1978, approximately 200 articles published (catalog prefaces, communications, collective works, etc.), contributing to French, German, and Canadian journals.

Exhibition curator: Conception and organization of numerous exhibitions, symposiums, and various events in France and worldwide: Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Scotland, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Korea, Japan, the United States, Mexico.

Publishing: Creation of several journals and book collections on contemporary arts and culture. Currently the director of the collection "Le bon voisin," Éditions Hermann, Paris.

Other: Regular participation in seminars and symposiums. Numerous conferences in France and abroad (Switzerland, Italy, England, the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt).

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