Campus MaNa is a professional training center for creators,
in Burgundy on 40 hectares of nature

with Julie Safirstein & La Métairie Bruyère
April 2 > 5, 2024

The Program

Learning objectives

The Métairie Bruyère Graphic Art Center offers a printmaking workshop led by Christian Dutrou and artist Julie Safirstein. A training where all techniques of this graphic art, whether manual or industrial, will be covered. Prints will no longer hold any secrets for the participants.

By the end of the training, the participant will have acquired:

  • Discovery of La Métairie Bruyère and its various crafts
  • Implementation of a collective project
  • Learning of printmaking techniques
  • Preparation of plates and printing
  • Introduction to the exploration of the engraver’s tools

Content of the program

In collaboration with La Métairie Bruyère, this training offers a unique technical immersion into the delicate art of engraving, allowing the creation of graphic works by subtly playing with lines and textures.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore both traditional and contemporary engraving techniques, from the initial drawing phase to the final realization. This learning experience takes place in an exceptional 35-hectare natural environment, amid the stimulating atmosphere of La Métairie Bruyère and Campus MaNa.

The training aims to develop precise mastery of traditional engraving tools and materials while cultivating a deep understanding of artistic composition principles and visual representation. Guided by various techniques such as etching, intaglio, linocut, and more, participants will be under the supervision of Christian Dutrou, Master of the Place.

Beyond technical skills, this training provides a stimulating opportunity to explore one’s own creative expression while respecting the centuries- old artistic tradition of engraving.

Participants will thus have the possibility to create works using various tools such as chisels, drypoints, gouges, and chisels to carve the surface of their material, resulting in unique artistic compositions that can be reproduced in multiple copies.


with Julie Safirstein & La Métairie Bruyère

Spread over eight farmhouses typical of the Puisaye, the site brings together a set of workshops, from manual typography (letterpress) to using intaglio, lithography, digigraphy. This complementarity of crafts makes it a unique place of creation in Europe.

A space for inspiration, experimentation and creation in vast workshops.  Beautiful presses and an exceptional collection of several tons of lead characters of all sizes are available to artists. The center welcomes thousands of art and craft lovers for guided tours of the workshops organized all year round.


  • Wood workshop equipped with professional machines, classrooms, multipurpose room
  • Technical acquisition including an introduction to the operation of the tools, an introduction to their maintenance and their safe use
  • Supply of materials
  • Conferences
  • Educational distribution: 50% practical, 50% theoretical contributions
  • Active participation and experimentation of participants are favoredDuring this workshop, participants will be nourished by discussions with a researcher and an architect, and supervised by a designer and a craftsman. They will be trained in the methods of implementing their ideas and projects, as well as their staging in different contexts. This program takes participants to the heart of the Campus MaNa wood workshop, and offers a unique collaborative experience to imagine the uses of tomorrow.

Evaluation follow-up and modalities

  • Individual and group interviews
  • Design file to be produced (framework provided)
  • Acquisition of basic carpentry techniques
  • Self-assessment at the end of training in the form of a collective feedback
  • Payroll sheet per half day
  • Certificate of completion issued by Campus MaNa

Duration and method of organization:

Target audience:
The training is open to all adults, regardless of age, diploma
April 2 > 5, 2024
5 days
9h-13h / 14h-18h
at Campus MaNa
Group size:
Language(s) :
€1580 excluding tax
This rate includes the cost of the training, accommodation with full board, materials, and personal protective equipment.

Planning :

Soon available

Location :

Campus MaNa Domaine du Croisil, Le Croisil, 89350 Champignelles France

Accessibility :

For any disability situation, please contact us to consider the feasibility

Access period :

Up to 15 days before the start of the training and depending on the remaining places
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