Campus MaNa is a professional training center for creators,
in Burgundy on 40 hectares of nature


Campus MaNa offers immersive professional training programs in residence in the fields of design, architecture, crafts, and fine arts.


All activities at Campus MaNa are firmly rooted in a logic of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. The creations prioritize locally sourced bio-based materials (short supply chains) and renewable, recyclable resources (circular economy).

The innovative pedagogy of Campus MaNa is based on the contributions of renowned designers/architects, craftsmen specialized in their respective disciplines, and theorists who shed light on and provide insights into the creative journey of the training. This triptych forms the core of a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses all arts and is enriched by numerous other experiences offered on campus, ensuring participants receive a comprehensive education that combines conceptual knowledge, creative methodology, and technical skills.

Located in Champignelles, Burgundy, Campus MaNa is nestled in a preserved green environment. Bocages, forests, and ponds form the exceptional natural spaces of La Puisaye, classified under the "Natura 2000" label. The area offers hiking trails, cycling routes, and encounters with history, such as Colette's birthplace, the Saint-Fargeau Castle, and the medieval construction site of the Guédelon Castle, showcasing ancestral artisanal know-how.


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