Campus MaNa is a professional training center for creators,
in Burgundy on 40 hectares of nature

with Kiki van Eijk & Joost Van Bleiwijk
May 24 > 26, 2024

The Program

Learning objectives

Poetic designers, at the intersection of art, this renowned Dutch duo offers the opportunity to study the impact of light in an outdoor setting. Using light in a natural environment for nighttime mobility requires a special consideration, which will be at the heart of this training.

At the end of the training, the participant will have assimilated:

  • Introduction to materials and their materiality
  • Reflection on the genesis of personal ideas and their implementation
  • Initiation to motional and luminous energy in the Campus MaNa park
  • Creation of a life-size installation within the campus

Content of the program

The darkness gradually extends to the woods and forests surrounding Campus MaNa, transforming it into a dreamlike space.

Artificial light becomes a guide, allowing the discovery of the surroundings with a fresh perspective.

How to navigate in a natural and delicate environment?

How to manifest our presence without altering it?

After a symbolic and dreamlike study of light and the exploration of various surrounding and driving forces (streams, forests, plains, ponds, trails, etc.), participants are invited to work in groups.

They use metal to create an outdoor installation that combines light, nature, and metal on a 1:1 scale.


with Kiki van Eijk & Joost Van Bleiwijk

Kiki Van Eijk

Kiki van Eijk was born in 1978 in the Netherlands. In 2000, she graduated with honors from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her graduation project, the embroidery-inspired Kiki Carpet, attracted a lot of attention in the design world.

In 2001, she opened her studio in Eindhoven, which she continues to share with designer Joost van Bleiswijk. However, their work is almost always done separately.

Kiki van Eijk's work is often very poetic and personal, and inspired by nostalgia and craftsmanship.

His designs are mainly unique or in limited editions, and his works range from rugs, lighting, furniture, ceramics, glassware to textiles.

His client list includes Studio Edelkoort Paris, Design Academy Eindhoven, Haans, Moooi, Bernhardt Design, Audax Textile Museum and Hermès.

Joost Van Bleiswijk

Joost van Bleiswijk was born in Delft and graduated in Design from the Academy Eindhoven in 2011. Joost works mainly on his own collections, notably on the “No Glue No Screw” series which has become a major piece in his work.

Joost's collections are exhibited and sold worldwide in galleries and museums, including Moss Gallery in New York, Galerie Vivid in Rotterdam, Design Museum Holon in Israel and Zuiderzee Museum in the Netherlands.

In addition to his personal work, Joost collaborates with major publishers such as Ahrend, Bernhardt, Bruut Furniture, City of Eindhoven, Design Connection, Lebesque and Moooi for whom he designs the Construction lighting collection.

Graduates in 2000 and 2001 at the Academy of Design in Eindhoven, Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswij have shared their life and their studio since that time. Each working independently, the two designers developed their careers side by side but around a mutual and pronounced interest in craftsmanship and historical objects.

In barely sixteen years, the creations of Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk have already won over the biggest brands and the most prestigious institutions on the planet. From the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to the Moss Gallery in New York.


Evaluation follow-up and modalities

Duration and method of organization:

Target audience:
Creative professional
Cover letter (1500 characters maximum including spaces) and sending of a portfolio
May 24 > 26, 2024
3 days
9h-13h / 14h-18h
at Campus MaNa
Group size:
Language(s) :
€1440 excluding tax
This rate includes the cost of the training, accommodation with full board, materials, and personal protective equipment.

Planning :

Soon available

Location :

Campus MaNa Domaine du Croisil, Le Croisil, 89350 Champignelles France

Accessibility :

For any disability situation, please contact us to consider the feasibility

Access period :

Up to 15 days before the start of the training and depending on the remaining places
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