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The Program

Learning objectives

Recognized for its durability and aesthetics, the saddle stitch has been widespread since the XIIIth century, particularly in saddle making. Executed manually, this technique allows the exploration of various leather qualities through this workshop. Passionate about the equestrian world, Marion Guégan will impart this skill.

By the end of the training, the participant will have acquired:

  • Mastery of the saddle stitch
  • Discovery of the qualities of leather material
  • Training in the basic techniques of leather sewing
  • Introduction to creating a template with a symmetry axis
  • Initiation to the use of appropriate tools
  • Creation of an individual or collective item

Content of the program

Sewing Leather?

The saddle stitch, that slightly slanted and highly aesthetic seam, has built the reputation of prestigious French luxury houses through leather goods that are both beautiful and sturdy.

The training provides the learning of this entirely manual and age-old leather stitching technique.

It allows the discovery of the qualities of such a noble and durable raw material, teaches how to choose leather based on the item to be made, and mastery of basic gestures and minimal tools to gain sufficient autonomy to set up one’s own workshop and work from home, even in a small space.

One of the main, but not exclusive, objectives is to learn to create a template with symmetry axis and all the other necessary steps for the creation of a fully hand-sewn leather item.

Throughout this immersive training, each participant will have the unique opportunity to acquire basic skills in the ancestral technique of hand-sewing leather.


with Marion Guéguan

Marion Guégan was, until recently, a project manager in the field of information technology. It was through a professional restructuring that she seized the opportunity for a career change, with the desire to bring meaning back into her life by reconnecting with her passions.

With an initial background in art history and drawing, a love for the world of horses in general, and active participation in horseback riding, combined with a lifelong attraction to manual craftsmanship, it was only natural for her to gravitate toward leatherworking. This demanding and technical artisanal profession resonated with her due to its use of noble materials, precise techniques, the creation of unique or small batch models, and a focus on quality finishing, which demands attention to detail and perfectionism.

She received her training from the best in the field, including Muriel Rochetti-Davant in Semur en Auxois, and honed her skills at IFCE Haras du Pin. In 2019, she earned her CAP in saddlery and harness-making and promptly established the Art Workshop POLARIS in Neuvy-Sautour, at the doorstep of the Pays d'Othe in the northern Burgundy region. There, she offers hand-stitched, high-quality leather articles crafted in the saddle stitching style.


  • Training materials (pedagogical and technical support, training room, various equipment, documentation, pedagogical tools...)
  • Possibly, pedagogical adaptation methods:
  • Different possible organization methods (justified based on the training objective)
  • Face-to-face with an English-speaking trainer
  • Repeated practical scenarios and on-field coaching
  • Pedagogical distribution: 70% practical, 30% theoretical input
  • Active participation and experimentation of participants are prioritized
  • Practical exercises, analytical tools,
  • Methodological input illustrated with examples followed by real-world applications.

Evaluation follow-up and modalities

  • Collective and personalized monitoring of work, regular updates
  • Self-assessment of acquired knowledge
  • Collective restitution
  • Payroll per half day
  • The training is validated by a Campus MaNa certificate

Duration and method of organization:

Target audience:
The training is open to all adults, regardless of age, diploma
April 22 > 26, 2024
5 days
9h-13h / 14h-18h
at Campus MaNa
Group size:
Language(s) :
€1580 excluding tax
This rate includes the cost of the training, accommodation with full board, materials, and personal protective equipment.

Planning :

Soon available

Location :

Campus MaNa Domaine du Croisil, Le Croisil, 89350 Champignelles France

Accessibility :

For any disability situation, please contact us to consider the feasibility.

Access period :

Up to 15 days before the workshop and with limited seats
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