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Amandine Chhor


A designer based in Paris, Amandine co-founded with her partner Aïssa Logerot the AC/AL studio, where her practice is linked to design through the design of objects and furniture, for various fields ranging from industry to crafts and luxury ( Their work has been rewarded many times, and has been exhibited in museums such as the Centre Pompidou or the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris. Some of their pieces are also in the MAD permanent collections.  

In 2009, Amandine also founded the association i.d.o, conceived as a participatory platform, rich in a network of various skills put at the service of solidarity projects, and is interested in the development of artisanal production methods and living conditions of isolated populations. His latest project, a community water hyacinth-based floating vegetable garden, was supported by several foundations and has just been completed on Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia (  

Amandine graduated from ENSCI – Les Ateliers (2009) and holds an ESSEC certification on the Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship and the Evaluation of Impact Measurement (2020). She considers the creative process as an integral part of the project, and pays particular attention to the uses and interactions that flow from it. 

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