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matali crasset


"Bringing something to people rather than doing design."

Matali Crasset, a globally recognized French designer, combines art, anthropology, and social aspects in her approach to design. She prioritizes creating connections between individuals and their environment. With a career spanning 30 years, she has worked on various projects ranging from architecture to scenography, as well as the design of objects and public spaces. Her works are exhibited in prestigious institutions and are part of significant design collections. She deeply analyzes each project, challenging assumptions to reveal their creative potential. She values local resources, community participation, and workshops in collaboration with educational institutions. Matali Crasset is personally involved in every stage of design and creation, with a studio that promotes an individualized approach. She collaborates with the industry to create accessible design and promotes French know-how. She designs inclusive urban public spaces, welcoming living environments, and child-centered spaces focused on development. In addition to her design work, she is dedicated to teaching and knowledge transfer. Her approach integrates an artistic dimension, emphasizing creativity and aesthetic experience.

Teaching and knowledge transfer

Matali Crasset sees her role as a designer as being rooted in knowledge transfer. She has given over two hundred conferences worldwide, has been teaching at HEAD Geneva since 2010, and participates in numerous symposiums and juries.

Some examples include being a professor at ENS Paris-Saclay from 2017 to 2019 for the project "L'Atelier des communs" and a workshop at NID in Ahmedabad, India.

Where to see, read, and understand Matali's work

Rizzoli Editions published a monograph in 2012 tracing her career (in French by Norma Editions). Recently, Les presses du Réel published "TITLE," a book of drawings created during the spring 2020 lockdown.

France Culture has produced several programs, including a series of five recordings for "A voix nue" by Camille Juza in 2018 and a masterclass hosted by Arnaud Laporte in 2017.

A 52-minute documentary film was made in 2019 by Rémy Batteault, produced by Cocottes minute and co-produced by the Centre Pompidou for France 5.

Some clients

Alessi - Atelier Luma, Arles - Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea - Cent Quatre, Paris - Centre Pompidou, Paris - Consortium Museum, Dijon - CHU Angers - Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris - Crous - ENS Paris Saclay - Fondation Martell, Cognac - Frac Champagne Ardennes, Reims - Hermès - Ikea - Maison Berger - Manufacture de Sèvres - Médiakiosk / Jean-Claude Decaux - Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris - National Museum of Singapore - Power station of art, Shanghai - Philharmonie de Paris - Ville de Dijon - Ville d'Istres - Ville de Rennes - Ville de Genève - Ville de Paris.

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