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Radi Designers


In 1992, the Radi Designers collective (which stands for Recherche Autoproduction Design Industriel) was born, composed of five members, all graduates of Les Ateliers School: Laurent Massaloux, Olivier Sidet, Robert Stadler, Florence Doléac, and Claudio Colucci. The collective plays with the gestures and typologies of everyday life.

During the 1990s, Radi Designers worked on projects as diverse as object design and space planning. They subverted the obviousness of everyday life through object-product-furniture-gadget hybrids. As emblematic figures of the new French design movement, the Radi Designers manipulate codes, uses, techniques, and forms with relentless inventiveness.

The members of the Radi Designers group met at the National School of Industrial Creation. Their individual and collective work led them to respond to various commissions and also to freely propose objects and scenarios.

In 1998, they held their first solo exhibition at the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery.

In 1999, they were commissioned to create an installation by the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. The installation was subsequently presented in Japan and Seoul.

The Radi Designers were named "Creators of the Year 2000" by the Salon du Meuble in Paris, while they were also working on an exhibition scenography for the Museum of Fashion and Textiles. They also ventured into urban design by creating a public fountain featuring two silhouettes of women carrying water. In 2001, the New York gallery Sandra Gering organized a solo exhibition of the group for the first time in the United States.

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