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Natural Dyer and Colourist

 Virginie Lagerbe


Virginie Lagerbe, colourist-dyer, garden alchemist and creator of the Pérégreen workshop

After studying communications and political science, Virginie worked for many years in tourism development in her native Burgundy. Out of curiosity, she tried her hand at natural dyeing techniques in 2012 and discovered that plant-based dyes are everywhere to be found, hidden in roots, bark, wood, leaves or the flowers of the plants which surround us.

From that moment on, Virginie was driven by the desire to reveal the hidden colours of her environment. She was struck by the beauty of the results and by the fact that natural dyes produce different shades depending on the fibers used. This phenomena reveals unexpected, soothing and timeless shades of colour which, when associated ,provide us with a connection to the natural world. Each plant produces a color range that interior design can use to its advantage to harmoniously bring the garden into your home.

Training: introductory and advanced courses in natural dyeing with Magali Bontoux at "l'Herbier en couleurs" (Drome), a researcher dyer trained by Michel Garcia.

Heritage Prize awarded by the Institute of France (2019) at the Royal Abbey of Chaalis (61) for the work carried out in 2018 in Colette's childhood’s garden (Maison des Illustres) in Saint-Sauveur en Puisaye (89) and the innovative approach to gardens by Pérégreen.

Silver Ribbon Prize awarded by the jury of the Plant Festival at the Domaine de Chantilly (2019).

Creation in 2019 of a textile color chart revealing the colorful soul of Rosa Bonheur's castle’s park (Maison des Illustres).

Exhibitions and installations at the Victor Hugo Museum in Villequier in 2020 (Maison des Illustres) (76), at the Abbey of Boscherville in 2020 (76), at the Martainville Castle in 2021 (76) on the occasion of Flaubert's bicentenary, and at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris in 2023 (75).

Curator of the exhibition (2022) dedicated to the botanist-dyer from Rouen, Dambourney (1722-1795), proposed by the Saint-Georges Abbey of Boscherville (76).


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