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Wolfgang Kaeppner


Wolfgang, a graduate of the University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe, Germany, is a creative and innovative individual with a strong background in research and creation. He spent a year studying at the Karlsruhe Research Center, a pioneering institution in the field of robotics, before embarking on his journey in innovation, research, and design.

As the Creative Director of the hotel group èhotels-lyon, which comprises seven establishments in France, Wolfgang has contributed to the creation of 'Les Lanternes - Creative Retreat,' a 4-hectare natural domain dedicated to seminars and events.

With international experience spanning London and Shanghai, Wolfgang co-founded WOkrea in 2004 and has been developing visual identities for international clients such as Bank of Communications China and Jim Thompson Thailand.

Known for his deeply engaged artworks, large-scale public installations, mass-produced products, and limited editions, Wolfgang has received several international awards, including the Annual Furniture Design Award, Perspective 40under40, Winner of Visual Identity at the Museum of Islamic Art, and the Type Event Award by the Arts Council England. His work has been featured in numerous publications by Phaidon, Thames & Hudson, and Carlton Books, among others.

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