Campus MaNa is a professional training center for creators,
in Burgundy on 40 hectares of nature

Video : Living in the Window a workshop residence

Campus MaNa x
Ferrier Marchetti Studio

Living in the Window, a workshop residence by Jacques Ferrier" 18—29.09.23 discover the project in video:

The “Living in the window” workshop illustrates a creative and free vision that shifts from mere functionality. Today, the window has become a product. It is about achieving a departure from current design and rediscovering a resonance between the building and daily experience: thinking about the window in new ways, in a transversal practice which does not dissociate the gesture from the thought.

After a first week of reflection, conferences and debates, the project took the form of a concept window which explores other possible paths. The workshop ended in style with the manufacturing of a spectacular full-size prototype, created by the six young professionals coming from various backgrounds and registered for this adventure.

The result of this collective work shows all the possibilities that open up when we appropriate the technique and consider the window not as a serial object but as a place, a threshold between the intimate and the landscape which offers multiple ways to experience it on a daily basis.

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